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Role: Art Director

At Dagger, I did a little bit of everything. From taking creative ownership of Dagger’s instagram to leading art direction on photo and video shoots, I stretched the definition of “Art Director” and utilized the full extent of my skillset.

Scroll down to see my favorite projects. (Videos may take a moment to load!)


Dagger Instagram

I was tasked with taking creative charge of Dagger’s instagram when I was first brought onto the team. I quickly saw the classic agency struggle take effect—internal projects fall last on the priority list. Designers wanted to show off their work, but struggled to know what and when to post. After collaborating on the creation of brand guidelines, I presented the idea of a posting pattern for the feed. Below is a preview from my strategic pitch.


Visual Direction

To solve the problem of an incohesive and unclear feed, I created a loose “checkerboard” approach, where each post contrasts visually from the one before it.

This pattern easily creates a harmonized, curated feed—showing our ability to think ahead as a creative agency—while still allowing designers the freedom to create what they want.


Dagger Blog

I also created original illustrations that served as cover images for Dagger’s blog posts. Below are some of my favorites.

“3 Video Production Reminders From Time Traveling Coffee Cups”

Written by Chris Cella

Published on PR News Online


“5 Secrets of Social Media Subtitles”

Written by Nick Fisch

Published on Dagger’s website

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 9.09.05 PM.png


Created for an unpublished article about women creating their career success stories from scratch.


Client: Aflac

Project: Create an engaging Aflac Brand Center that walks visitors through Aflac’s refreshed brand guidelines. This site is a resource to all Aflac employees, agents, freelancers, vendors, etc. Dagger was tasked with not only creating this comprehensive guide, but adding some lighthearted touches. We created intro videos that quickly explain the different sections of the guide. Visit here:

My role: Aiding in initial concepting, creating storyboards for half of the videos Dagger created, and creating all of the assets for animation for those videos.

This included: Creating custom illustrations, retouching/editing stock images of the Aflac duck and preparing them for animation (like adding the paper, ruler, and pencil to the duck in the thumbnail below), choosing stock photography, working alongside the animation team, and presenting the videos to the client.


Client: Delta Airlines

Project: Create a video campaign spotlighting employees that promotes awareness around Delta’s values. We created a series of videos and social posts that played in the Delta offices and were shared on employee-facing social media groups.

My role: Initial concepting, storyboarding, directing design choices like colors and photo editing, choosing and editing stock photos, overseeing/providing feedback alongside the animation team throughout the campaign’s creation, and solely creating corresponding static social posts.


Client: Interface

Project: Create a campaign of animated “Explainer” videos and social posts educating customers on Interface’s sustainability initiatives.


My role: Initial concepting of the “Carbon” educational video and creating the assets for animation.

This included: creating custom illustrations, developing storyboards, overseeing/providing feedback throughout the video’s creation, and repurposing content into social posts.


Client: Cortland Apartments

Project: Create a looping hero video to represent Cortland apartments for the front door of Cortland’s website and repurpose scenes to create a social campaign. This imagery is to serve as the very first impression of Cortland living—quickly communicating the quality of life, events, amenities, and brand identity.


My role: Casting (developing role descriptions and choosing talent), wardrobe (collecting moodboard imagery and choosing final wardrobe and accessories with the stylist), propping (moodboard imagery, choosing selects and propping each scene on set), assisting direction on set.