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cartoon network

Role: Designer for Social Media
I strategized and executed plans and assets for Cartoon Network's social media and YouTube accounts. Since joining the social team, my work helped improve overall video consumption from 31Mil in 2015 to 173Mil in 2016, and to 384Mil in 2017.

Scroll down to see my favorite projects. (Videos may take a moment to load!)


Drawing Videos

My team and I created the #SketchSaturday content bucket, an initiative where we showcased my original artwork featuring fan-favorite characters and moments. These videos generate some of CN's highest engagement: on average, they earn 296% more views than our other video posts!


Rainicorn Glitter #SketchSaturday

4.8mil Views
(vs. 303k avg)

This video performed 1484% better than the average Cartoon Network video post. I guess people like glitter!


Paint Markers on Glass

2.4mil Views
(vs. 303k avg)

Drawing these characters backwards, inverted, and on glass was a super fun challenge!


Inktober Marceline

2.4mil Views
(vs. 303k avg)

For Halloween 2016, I utilized the #Inktober movement to make a spooky Adventure Time ink drawing.


Ice Bear Interactive Mural

1.4mil Views
(vs. 303k avg)

I used chalk to make a mural that interacted with the environment around it. This drawing was also featured on-air on CN in April 2018.


Instagram Drawing Challenge

1mil views
(vs. 69k avg)

One of the CN instagram's most popular videos to date! We created branded drawing challenges to curate the #SketchSaturday content bucket to the tastes of art fans on Instagram.


LEGO Batman Sponsorship

Goal: Promote the LEGO Batman movie with Adventure Time characters.
Results: I concepted and created 5 posts on a $150,000 sponsored campaign that generated 10M impressions total.


Steven Universe Soundtrack Campaign

Goal: Drive referrals to the Steven Universe soundtrack. 
Results: We generated over 76K clicks to buy the album and it was the #1 purchased album on iTunes on the day of release.


Steven Universe Podcast Campaign

Goal: Create awareness and drive referrals to listen to the Official Steven Universe Podcast.
Result: Generated over 600k downloads.


AT x Minecraft

I created (and modeled... no big deal) a Minecraft Finn costume to promote the Adventure Time Minecraft expansion map, and produced this DIY video.